Visioneering Forward

Has anyone noticed lately how a lot of TV shows are featuring “Visioneering”? This is the act of envisioning something you want, a goal or a thing or a relationship for instance, and imaging it to be real. Word on the street says that it produces results and delivers your wish. In any event, if it makes you feel better it can’t hurt.

The same TV shows have their characters making a Vision Board, a piece of cardboard or poster board upon which they glue or tape pictures of their vision. Then they put that board in a place where they see it frequently to help themself imagine the wish coming true.

Scientists might cast a little stank-eye at this notion, but even if it just improves your mood it’s an interesting and fun thing to do. So get out your Vision Boards, scissors, tape and glue sticks and get to work! The year is young and there’s plenty of time to make your dreams come true!

What would you wish for if you truly thought it would come true? Lots of money?



A private airplane?

private plane

Your own private airplane

A fabulous new motorhome?


Who wouldn't want this?

Maybe a country home?

country home

A nice little country get-away

Maybe a new vehicle?


This is MY idea of a new vehicle!

Or would it be for something more like good health?

eye chart

Good vision from good visioneering

Or happiness?


Coming through!

In any event, whatever makes you happy should be what you strive for this New Year. Build yourself a board. Have your kids build themselves a board. Or not. But make sure to get your mind in its right place and get ready to make it the best year ever!

Tippy has the day off, so here is his side kick Eddie to wish you a Happy New Year!

Eddie's TOTD

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