Out with the Old

We’re still in Oxnard watching the clock tick on 2011.

Oxnard Sunset

Watching the old year fade away

We have had a remarkable year, one that brought us tons of joy and discovery, new friends, a new home, and a simpler lifestyle that is serving us very well. We wish all of our readers, family, and friends (and yes, even our enemies!) the best of the new year. It holds a lot of promise for all of us, and opportunities that only need to be seen to become real.

Here’s one guy that is truly enjoying some of the local color, a whole fried fish at a local Mexican restaurant, Cabo, in Oxnard. It’s been a good year!

Oxnard Fish Dinner

My whole fried red snapper dinner

It maybe wasn’t such a good year for this guy, however.

Oxnard Fish

The whole fried snapper

Another guy who had a great year is our Grandson, Brandon. He came to spend the night with us shortly after we arrived and got to spend some time with his old buddy Bongo. They don’t show well, but those are some brand new teeth up front!

Sleepover Brandon

Brandon and Bongo hanging out

We’re going to enjoy today doing some very relaxing stuff. It’s a beautiful day here in California weather-wise, so we’re taking in the beach. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo will be the movie of the day. Gelato will be lunch, and we’re throwing some lamb chops on the barbie for dinner. Happy New Year to all, and here’s Tippy with his  usual sage advice.

New Year Resolution

About W&W Mudd

Re-retired again, Wendy and Warren publish as they adventure into the far reaches of their New World.
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1 Response to Out with the Old

  1. Jim & Linda Schrankel says:

    Happy New Year Mudds from the Schrankels in Yuma. Headed to Quartzsite next week.

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