There’s Fishing, then there’s Catching Fish

We had a beautiful sunny day today in Oregon. We made yet another pass at the crab fishing off of the local dock in the marina attached to our campground.

The Crab Max weapon!

1 hour of casting and retrieving our Crab Max traps brought in over 200 crabs, but no keepers!

Lots of crabs, but no keepers


Wendy's BFF fishing buddy

So we packed it in, showered, lunched, and took off on an exploration to the south. We found out that the Central Coast has lots more to offer than the South Coast, except for Winchester Bay. There we found “the old Coast Guard pier”, the best non-boat crabbing in Oregon. We had only about 15 minutes until sundown but that still gave us 3 casts of one Crab Max. The tide was also running, so we had everything going against us and yet we still pulled up a half dozen Dungeness. No keepers, but we have decided that one sunny day next week we are going to return with more bait, a picnic, and the Crab Max weapons. Stay tuned, there might be “film at 11”!

Sundown at the Old Coast Guard Pier - crab fishing is done!

No keepers today - but we'll be back

Meanwhile, we also discovered Clausen Oysters in Coos Bay. Harvested daily, $6 per dozen, sweet and tasty! 2 dozen of them became our dinner accompanied by fresh sourdough bread from Reedsport and a fresh acorn squash from just up the road. Yummy! Oh yeah, forgot to mention that our neighbors, who have a boat and 3 large crab pots, pulled their pots this morning and had 60 keeper Dungeness. They graciously contributed 3 of those bad boys to our stash, and we will very likely dine on them tomorrow! We did trade them the location of Clausen’s, so it worked out pretty even.

A Northwest Dinner at it's finest!

Anyway, there’s fishing, and there’s catching fish. Or crabs. So, with rain predicted for much of the weekend, we will likely get some serious reading and internet work done, and set our sights on crabbing for a sunny day next week!

But wait, Tippy’s knocking!

About W&W Mudd

Re-retired again, Wendy and Warren publish as they adventure into the far reaches of their New World.
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