Super Blogging

Super blogging is a widely used, heavily respected and well known term that I just invented. We’ve been s-o-o-o b-u-s-y packing and cleaning the house in advance of our tenant’s move-in date that we had to stop ourselves to eat. This is not a diet I recommend. But, voila!, on Monday the 21st we finished! Actually just moments before our tenant arrived for the walk-through. Less than minutes, really, moments. All was done, handshakes were exchanged, our “2 Vickie’s” neighbors brought wine glasses and snacks and grilled the new neighbor thoroughly, and we were gone. We had a little business with the tax man on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, September 22 2010 8:50AM we began our Great One Way Road Trip.

So, to make up for all the empty space, I’m going to Super Blog for a bit. Serial blogging would be a good term too. I could put it all in one blog, but you would all be asleep before you finished reading it. And besides, we couldn’t get very many “Persons of Interest” in a single blog, could we?

Today’s Person(s) of Interest are: the Two Vickie’s. Sorry Vikki #2, but there was only one way to spell it in the plural. We are possessed of not one, but two neighbors with the same sounding name. Both marvelous, both helpful, both generous and fun, yet each unique in her own way. We shall stay in touch with both (and don’t worry, Norma, you too). Norma, by the way, is another neighbor and is also quite interesting too. Thanks ladies. You made our time on Passage Lane memorable and helped to slide us to the finish line on that final day. But you aren’t rid of us too easily, I’m sure we’ll be back to visit.

The cats, Bongo and Sly, have now traded the old house, where everything inside changed every day and the outside remained the same, for a new one where just the opposite is true! They seem to be adapting quickly into great “Camping Cats”. And speaking of cats, while cleaning the house I overheard Wendy muttering to herself “How the HELL does cat hair get into the BACK of the freezer?” How indeed?

Camping Cats Bongo & Sly

We’ll close today with a local picture, this clever white heron who found a perch on a floating patch of seaweed off of Avila Beach, our first stop. If the fish won’t come to you, go to the fish!

Resourceful Avila Beach White Heron

And, last but not least, here’s Tippy!

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Re-retired again, Wendy and Warren publish as they adventure into the far reaches of their New World.
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1 Response to Super Blogging

  1. Rhonda Louie says:

    Happy to hear that the Mudder’s have finally escaped and off to see the world at large. Just last week I was doing an installation in San Luis Obispo. It’s been 25 years since I graduated from Cal Poly. I’ve gone back a couple of times to show the boys what college is like and to give them the campus tour. This time I was there for a work and it was nice checking out the town and going to some favorite hang outs. One in particular was Avila Beach which you highlighted with your picture. I said to myself, if I ever go RVing this would be the place to park overnight so you can wake up literally on the beach to the herons, pelicans, and fish jumping out of the water. Pete’s Deli with clam chowder and fresh caught fish were delicious. There is a place called Avila Barn that Wendy would love for local goods and crafts. Adam is waiting for me to bake the nectarine raspberry frozen pie that I bought from the Barn. When ever I go on business trips, I always bring home food from the local fare.

    Thanks for your posts. I enjoy reading and living vicariously through your RV stories. Love the Louies

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