And Just Like That!…To Infinity and Beyond

Big exciting weekend. You all know by now that we’ve been marketing our townhouse to lease it with an option to buy. With our summer travel schedule (7 trips away and counting) it’s been a long ordeal. We had a gigantic garage sale over Memorial Day where we sold most of our furniture and household goods that either wouldn’t fit into the trailer or that we just wouldn’t want once (and if) we settle down somewhere else. That little party nearly killed us, at least it nearly killed our backs. We spent the next 2 months recuperating, and Wendy still does twice daily back stretches to stave off pain and spasms. Sometimes I feel like we have THREE cats with all the stretching going on.

Then there was traveling. LA. Sacramento. LA. Texas. LA. The drop-everything-and-go trip to honor Great Grandpa Eddie at his funeral. That was the week there were FOUR men either 92 or 93 who we knew that passed away. Bad week to be in your nineties, but at least they all lived long lives.

It seemed like it would never end. Thank God we got to relax in between trips by packing our house up and toting it all over to the storage unit. Well, ALMOST all of it. We were still living in it and needed some basic necessities. Very basic. While we kept our bed and headboard, virtually everything else went into storage in readiness for the big day when we would acquire a tenant. We started referring to our family room as the “configurable parlor”. Folding chairs and tables became eating, TV watching, crossword puzzle doing, bill paying, and household chore headquarters. In less than a minute the room could go from all-business to all-comfort, what little of it there was. The comfort part that is. So, we finally bit the bullet and splurged on a couple of fancy new beach chairs that we set up in front of the TV so we could at least pretend we had a little Rockefeller left in us. In comparison the trailer will look like a 5 star hotel. It has the feeling of full time RV-er ninja training all over it.

The Configurable Parlor

Speaking of the trailer, you also know we had put the rig into a body shop to have some much needed work done on it while we still had a real place to live in. We finally got it back 5 weeks later. It’s a mystery to me, but I just can’t see where it takes 5 weeks to do what looks to me like an afternoon of work. Really. A few primer spots on the outside and a couple pieces of replacement plastic fender well trim is all I can see. Either they did a really really thorough job of repairing something I couldn’t see, or they have found the highest profit business in the Western Hemisphere. I won’t even tell you what the insurance quote was, but a quick calculation on a napkin shows these guys to be making WAY more per hour than your run-of-the-mill Silicon Valley CEO.

But now it’s all changing. A few weeks ago I decided the hand-lettered foam core “For Lease” signs weren’t cutting the mustard. Heck, they weren’t even cutting the lawn sprinklers. Even the morning dew was reducing them to wilty pitiful looking Beverly Hillbillies signs. So I went online (thank you Al Gore!) and ordered some fancy-dancy professional “Lease To Own” signs. Apparently they did the trick. Either I’m a marketing guy after all or the late season picked up for rentals because all of a sudden we were getting almost daily drive-by’s wanting to see the “new listing”. Of course, since they were driving by, there was precious little notice before they either called (from outside the front door) or just rang the bell. We had to keep the place in a state of readiness so we could, literally, do a full house cleaning in 10 minutes, sometimes much less. Pick up the bathrooms, quick clean of the kitchen, sweep floors, vacuum, straighten the bed, put away the clothes on the floor. You get the picture. I’m feeling like I’m going to live our first 2 months in the trailer with all the blinds closed just to enjoy the privacy.

But, in the end, it was the “Call for Appointment” in our Craigslist ads that did the trick. Yesterday we did final negotiations with a prospective tenant and by tomorrow we will have all the formalities ironed out. Move in date is 9/22, so we have a bunch to do to move out. Of course, we also have yet another trip in the works. We leave today for LA for almost a week. We will have nearly a week when we get back to finish up and close the chapter on living stuck to Terra Firma for the time being.

While we are very excited this is finally happening, it’s strange at the same time that no amount of planning makes you ready. Just a simple thing like knowing that you have to plan a place for the rig to be parked each and every night becomes a big influence on your day. I’m sure we’ll get used to it but for right now I’m very thankful that good old Al Gore spent all those late nights inventing the internet. Because without it we would very likely be spending a ton of time in highway rest stops on the cell phone (did Al invent that  too?) just finding a little piece of Terra Firma to rent for the evening.

We’re going to try and showcase people of interest once in a while, just so it isn’t all about us (even if it IS!). So today we salute Robert Lasnik, favorite brother of Wendy (well, ONLY brother of Wendy) who is a Birthday Boy today. 29 again I understand, which makes me married to an unusually young woman if she’s only a couple of years older than him. Not that that’s all bad. I mean, it’s OK for Michael Douglas, right? Anyway, HBD Rob! Rob doesn’t like his picture taken, this is the best we’ve ever done.

Rob, and his favorite pasttime

And, for one of our regular features, here’s Tippy! This one Wendy discovered while looking desperately for a paint brush on the TOP floor, knowing that there was one in the garage on the BOTTOM floor!

Gotta sign off. It’s 6AM and I need to go get Wertle out of storage and schlep him over here to pack. This time we are simulating the real thing. Packing the whole office, computers, printer, everything to see how THAT works out. It’s a little late to change anything of course, but what the heck. See you on the road. W&W

About W&W Mudd

Re-retired again, Wendy and Warren publish as they adventure into the far reaches of their New World.
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1 Response to And Just Like That!…To Infinity and Beyond

  1. Linda and Dan Stordahl says:

    Hi you two. Congrats on leasing your townhouse. Great adventures await!
    We wish your itinerary included the Seattle area this weekend. We would have loved to have you here to help us celebrate Dan’s 60th birthday (the party is on Saturday…the actual birthday on the 26th). We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary yesterday. All kinds of things to celebrate! I’d best get back to work…preparing for up to 50 people in our little house and yard this weekend. I’m praying for good weather!
    Love to you and the family,
    Linda and Dan

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