I’ve posted a few times how surprised and delighted we are at the very widespread availability of 5G cellular signals across our path, even in the vast central “outback” of our great country. We both have 5G capable iPhones and use T-Mobile as our cellular provider, and this has proven to be the highest value RV accessory we own. It has given us some freedom from notoriously crappy RV campground WiFi systems, letting us instead connect our devices to our phone hotspots. We have 3 such devices, 2 laptops and our Vizio smart TV. When we bought the rig in 2018, I immediately replaced the “stupid” Furrion TV that the rig came with (I’m sure at exorbitant expense, because it’s made for an RV) with a $250 42” smart one. It has built-in apps that are WiFi dependent, and the 5G with hotspot has made it very useful. I added in the YouTube TV app, and it’s like we never left home.

A couple of things collided with that scenario when we pulled into our campground in Nashville, the Nashville RV and Cabins Resort. First, we are sitting in the shade of a T-Mobile 5G tower, thus enjoying the pinnacle of cellular service. Second, I finally responded to the Vizio reminding me that I have a free trial of Apply TV+ pending and installed it. Why did I do that? I remembered that our daughter-in-law, Rachel had started watching the Apple TV+ created series Ted Lasso when it first came out (years ago by now) and suggested that it was something we would like very much.

As an American, he’s a better Brit than even he believes!

She was spot on. Since we pulled into Nashville on a Sunday, and many of the shows we watch don’t air on Sunday, we went looking for something to veg on after a dip in the pool and dinner. I clicked on the Ted Lasso icon, and there we sat for 5 episodes. I glanced twice out the window at our neighbor who was outside in the heat fiddling with his portable DishTV antenna, trying to perfect the signal capture, and thought, “how old school, why doesn’t that old fart get into the 21st century?”. This, of course, before realizing that I was probably older than him, and only happened on this happy slice of TV technology that we own because we have kids in a younger generation (duh, by default) that have clued me into it.

Wendy has been keeping a prose bank on RV Living, gathering thoughts on what it’s like to move into a box on wheels after living in a “stick house” for so long. Ladies and gents, Wendy’s Pearls of Wisdom!

RV LIVING from Wendy’s Prose Bank

There’s much talk in the media about going green and being good stewards of the earth so it will be available to our children and grandchildren. As RVers, we have many opportunities to put many of these words into actions.

While washing dishes I often think of how good it would be for everyone to experience RV living for a couple of weeks or longer. Efficient water usage is key throughout your rig: washing your hands, taking a shower, flushing the toilet, or washing dishes. We’re usually hooked up to a “city water” supply so we have all we need, but that water goes down the drains and fills our 30-gallon gray water tank and the 20-gallon black water (toilet) tank. You can’t just let the water run. We can empty it into the sewer most of the time but when you’re boondocking or there is no sewer hookup at your site, it presents a problem…usually a stinky one!

We practice water conservation by necessity in our rig. A small amount of water in a bowl and some dishwashing detergent serves to wash the dishes as we place them in the sink. Using a slow stream of water from the faucet we rinse the dishes and let them drain. Washing your hands requires a little water and soap, water off, soap up and rinse in a small stream of water. Showering is the same, wet yourself all over, soap up and rinse. These things could be done in your home, but it does take mindfulness and practice.

We live in a small space but there is a place for everything. Organizing helps so that you have the things you need on a regular basis easily available. We have storage under our bed and under the dining room seats to store the things we need for restocking our vitamins, extra TP, paper towels or other bulky items. Grocery shopping is always a challenge since freezer and fridge space is precious. We shop only after we have freed up space and have room for more eggs, lunch meat, cheese or veggies and fruit. We do have a basket of fruit that I stash in the sink as we travel so it stays put. With limited space for a wardrobe, you need to be selective and often wear something for more than a day.

 We have learned little tricks about living in a moving home through mishaps and through other RVers. Our roads have only gotten worse over the years with little of our national budget going to repairs. This trip has been like a roller coaster at times, especially in Colorado. Things tend to go flying around inside the trailer as we travel so they need to be stowed. Recently, we lost a couple of small Corelle dessert plates, which jumped out of an overhead cabinet on a rough stretch just south of Cheyenne. Thanks to our RVer friend, we got a quick and effective solution. A pillow is now stowed in the cabinet with an expandable pole to keep it in place. So far so good! A big shout out to Becky…thanks!

We use wall space by attaching small baskets of different sizes to keep at hand all the items we reach for every day. You would be surprised how many times a day I reach for a Ziploc bag.

Grab ‘n Go, tissue, ziplocs, notepads, even our daily rocks for painting

Other wall spaces, doors or corners make ideal spots to hang hats and coats, to organize your undies and socks, or put an expandable rod shelf system in for bathroom necessities.

And closet space is at a premium too. Organize for efficiency!

We installed wire shelves, a hanging shoe bag for clothes, and keep a small “pop on” LED light in there too

When we pack up and get ready to take off, I ready the inside as Warren empties the tanks, unhooks the electrical, water and sewer and hooks the truck to the trailer. I finish the breakfast dishes, put things away, like the coffee maker and toaster oven. I wipe things down, vacuum the floor, pull in the awning and the kitchen and sofa slides. Laptops and other heavy items go on the bed. I check to make sure the water heater is turned off (and lately that the Norcold fridge is switched over to 12V) and everything is secured. It’s a synchronized ballet as we hustle through our tasks and finish together.

We had some very boisterous thunderstorms today, and Tippy wants to remind you…

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Re-retired again, Wendy and Warren publish as they adventure into the far reaches of their New World.
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