The Road Ahead – Spring 2011

We’ve been camped here in Northridge for over 3 weeks, and it’s getting close to time to move on. We tried to negotiate one more day (Sunday May 1) onto our stay but the park here can’t accomodate us. After all, it’s the start of the rv travel season, and folks are on the move!

Speaking of on the move, I have just finished getting our route planned that will take us to Depoe Bay for Rachel and Greg’s wedding at the end of July. Some juggling was done to our original plan to visit the Tetons during this time when we were informed that nothing really opens in the Tetons until early June when they can plow the area out and open the campgrounds. So we put a detour into the plan and are headed instead to Glacier National Park. I think we’ll be happy we did, the pictures we have seen from the internet are fabulous. We will be sure to post a bunch while were up there.

For those of you who are interested in seeing where we will be blogging from over the next 3 months, here’s a graphic of our plan.

So, we’re all welded back together. We’ve gotten the family visit tank refilled. We’ve eaten more than about a million calories of holiday and birthday food. Our tans have started to recover after our winter up north. And the temperature has stayed above 40 for almost a full month! We have a few more events to attend to (Gastropalooza II in San Diego, Dana’s Birthday dinner in Valley Village, The Cake Pop Class, and a final clean up and rig prep, this time with a full check of the undercarraige added to the pilot’s stroll around the beast) and then we’re on the road again.

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And, of course, here’s Tippy!


About W&W Mudd

Re-retired again, Wendy and Warren publish as they adventure into the far reaches of their New World.
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3 Responses to The Road Ahead – Spring 2011

  1. Jim & Linda Schrankel says:

    Glad to hear your 5th wheel is all put back together! Just wanted to let you know that May 21st is pretty early for a visit to GNP. The rivers will just be starting to swell with runoff and the Going to the Sun Highway won’t be open for another month or so. Have fun with your travels, and we look forward to your blog.

    • W&W Mudd says:

      Hi Jim. Thanks for the advice. Our decision to go on May 21 was more of convenience, since we need to be a few other places (Orcas and Oregon) at fixed times. It’s either go on 5/21 and see what we can see, or don’t go at all until 2012. So, I think we’ll see what we can see! At least it won’t be crowded! Warren & Wendy

  2. Jim & Linda Schrankel says:

    Any Glacier Park is better than none, at any time of the year! Have fun!!

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