But for the grace of God

Our hearts go out to the victims and families affected by yesterday’s disaster in northern Japan. On the road we frequently fall into a news “black hole”, whether we are disconnected from cable tv, internet, or even cell phone service, and bad news often catches us by surprise. I didn’t know for almost a week that Egypt had undergone a “management change”. I really found out about Libya when we pulled in to fill up with gas. But this morning I awoke to my email with a message from my niece Morgan, another family blogger, telling her readers that today’s entry would be delayed. She simply didn’t feel any humor would be appropriate in light of the massive suffering, and we feel the same.

Many of our blog readers already know we were just recently in Smith River on the northern California coast, just a few miles north of Crescent City. All throughout that area are “tsunami zones” with signs clearly marking areas that become dangerous when big waves come in.

Take these signs seriously, please

They stood out to us, and we never failed to remark to each other as we drove past the signs. But it’s hard to imagine what really happens when a tsunami hits. I watched some news video of the 23 foot wave that hit Sendai, Japan, and the video of the wave inundating the airport defies description. As I write this I’m listening to the news on TV. Crescent City reported a tide recession from the harbor about 30 minutes ago, and as I write we are watching the surges in Santa Cruz harbor tear boats loose and wash the harbor in and out repeatedly, so I can only imagine the damage that will occur in the much shallower Crescent City harbor, which will reportedly get about twice the surge we will see here (7 feet vs. 3 feet).

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families in Japan, and all those who will be affected by the aftermath.

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