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This blog is being published NOW because, although it was written on Sept. 22, 2010, it has been quietly sitting in the “Draft” folder, unnoticed by me, for almost 6 months. This isn’t exactly like finding $20 in your freshly-washed jeans pocket, it’s more like finding an unwrapped holiday gift from your Aunt Milly that got stuck behind the couch. Anyway, enjoy (apologies to anyone’s Aunt Milly).

In a previous post Tippy had some good advice. When full-timing in an RV, don’t buy beans in bulk. We had no idea how many beans we had schlepped home from Costco until we had to clean out everything and pack all our food into the rig. #1 in volume: Beans, hands down. Baked beans, kidney beans, cannelli beans, garbanzo beans, refried beans, small navy beans. Every kind of bean I’ve never heard of, and more. And much more than one can each. Some types had many many cans. I think now that it’s all loaded we could probably qualify for a huge federal alternative energy grant. But I guess we’d have to eat them first, and I’m just not going to go there.

Speaking of bulk, by the time we sorted out what we needed on-board, and what was going to storage, I figured we added close to 800 lbs. to the rig. That puts us about 500 lbs under our road legal maximum if we’re full of gas, fresh water and propane. So job #1 is to eat our way through the larder so we can reduce enough weight to hope to climb the Rockies next spring on our way to Eastern Canada. Wendy thinks all we need to buy for the next 5 months is fresh fruit and veggies and dairy products. All our meals can chip away at the full cabinets until we get room to really put everything away.

This Super Blog Person of Interest is: Brandon Marks! And his co-POI is his little brother Dylan! On our last visit to see the grandkids, we challenged Brandon to read every single blog post because he would, at some random time, be featured as a Person Of Interest! And today, that time comes! Hey Bran, give Dylan a kiss for us. Eat your vegetables. Don’t play too much PlayStation. Root for UCLA. And keep reading these posts because you never know when you will get a repeat performance from us!

Brandon, Dylan and Dad

Here’s Tippy!

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Re-retired again, Wendy and Warren publish as they adventure into the far reaches of their New World.
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