OMG! Trolls!

We had an interesting drive a few days ago. Some of the folks we met at the SKP ice cream social (held just before bingo and after the quilting bee) pointed us in the direction of Troll Haven.

The Bandy's have some strange quirks.

It’s a short drive, just west of Port Townsend in the little town of Gardiner. Gardiner sits on the edge of Discovery Bay and in view of Vancouver Island (Canada), and on a clear evening you can see the lights of Victoria. But even on a cloudy and rainy day, just like when we went, you can’t miss the trolls. They’re everywhere, and doing everything. Fenceposts are carved like trolls, they sit in gardens, they are framed by gates, and they even hold up a livestock barn!

The Troll Haven House

The Troll Haven Livestock Barn

Troll Poles to hold up the Barn

Troll Haven gate - more of a dragon really

And just in case you might be staring at the scenery as you drive….

You were warned


And, a short Crabbing Update, we tried our luck off of the much larger pier in front of the Marine Sciences Center in Port Townsend. The water there is almost 50 ft. deep, which should produce larger (and more) crabs. However, whether it just wasn’t our day or the crabs were taking the day off, all we got was a very large SeaStar, a cousin to the StarFish. This isn’t what you want to catch!

Crabbing at the MSC in Port Townsend - not a crab in sight

This Sea Star won't end up on a pizza, that's for sure!

And, to top it off, Tippy has our crabbing secret.

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Re-retired again, Wendy and Warren publish as they adventure into the far reaches of their New World.
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