Hotter than H……

We woke this morning in Anaheim and knew we were headed for Hell. Las Vegas, actually Henderson, as a stop-over on our way to Zion National Park near Hurricane Utah. The forecast called for near-triple digit temps during the day, and we thought “What are we thinking?”. Well, we arrived here in Henderson a little after noon today to 95 degrees and crabbing about the heat and all while we set up the rig and got ourselves situated. First job: hook up the electric so we can get the air conditioning on full blast. Get some cool air filling up the trailer. Cool down the cats, and ourselves. We got that all done, and while we are cooling down Wendy checks her voice mail. Sister Elaine is telling her that today it hit 113F in LA! The hottest ever! Wow. We got out just in time. After that, somehow it just didn’t seem as hot. In fact, we began to notice the peace and quiet, and how nice it cooled down toward the evening, and wouldn’t some gelato be good….

Along the way the boys, Bongo and Sly (especially Bongo) figured out that the wood floor directly under the air conditioner outlet was the prime real estate in the rig.

Cool Cats in Henderson NV

Wendy takes one look and says to me “If you even THINK of stretching out on the floor like that……” I won’t publish the rest of that remark, but it had a line from Jeff Dunham’s “Achmed the Dead Terrorist” in it.

Anyway, the heat will come and the heat will go. And so shall we, according to the following “Itinerary of the Day”:

9/27,28    Henderson Nevada, Hoover Dam, Slots
9/29 – 10/6    Zion National Park, Utah
10/6-7    Laughlin Nevada, Slots, Blackjack and Craps baby!
10/8-11    San Diego (Hi Mary & Jeff! Hi Mom!)
10/12-18    LA, hanging with family
10/19-24    Wendy is off to Puerto Rico with the girls, Warren is batching it in San Diego with sport fishing, family, and Big Bro Brian
10/25-31    LA, hanging out and a Cousin’s Party on the 30th
11/1-2    Hanging with Mort in Bass Lake CA
11/3-6    A visit to our other kids and grandkids in Sacramento
11/7-Thanksgiving, tour the Oregon Coast and visit the Rein’s in Portland!

After that it’s up to our whims and the local authorities where we are and what we’re doing.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget Tippy, especially in light of all the “rinsing out” we’ve been doing on clothes today!

About W&W Mudd

Re-retired again, Wendy and Warren publish as they adventure into the far reaches of their New World.
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