A Swarm of MuddHuts

We’ve done quite a bit of travel in the western states this last winter and spring, and have stumbled across a strange trend. Espresso Huts. You know, the kind where you can drive through for a quick latte on the way to work? We reported last winter on finding one in Edmonds WA that featured very scantily clad girls as the servers. I guess that’s sort of an Edmonds thing, and we wrote it off as a local quirk.

Then, while driving through Kalispell Montana I did a double take and almost crashed into the car in the next lane. An espresso hut. But not just ANY espresso hut, this one had our NAME on it!  

Mountain Mudd Espresso in Kalispell Montana

That’s right. Mountain Mudd Espresso. I was suddenly very proud, and felt like going all John Denver or something. My mind started reeling with infringement lawsuits that might be settled with lifetime drive-through latte’s. But then I realized, we don’t LIVE in Kalispell. So we just let it slide.

Until we landed in Coeur d’Alene for a few days and found ourselves taking a little drive to Post Falls Idaho. That’s just near the border with Washington, and we were on our way to take a tour of the Buck Knives factory (yes, I bought one). We were quietly tooling our way down I90 and I saw a really cool barn that I wanted a picture of. Too late for the camera, we decided after the tour (did I mention that I bought one?) to take a trip up the frontage road to try and snap a photo or two. I’m recently decided that if we get a small farm, I’m going to have a barn. And a tractor. And a log splitter. And probably a bunch of other power stuff. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the side trip. Again, without warning, my head practically comes unscrewed from my neck as we drive by, you guessed it, another espresso hut! With our name on it! 

Mudd Slingers in Post Falls Idaho

 Mudd Slingers! It has a nice ring, but not so nice of a mental image. Now, I’m not only proud, I’m starting to think we’ve missed a bet here. Not only do this small businesses exist, they are still in business! In this economy! Anyway, after realizing we don’t live in Post Falls Idaho either, I put away the lifetime drive-through latte lawsuit settlement thoughts, and off we went to our next stop in Arlington Washington. Arlington has a very nice airport about a mile from our RV park. I was admiring it as we drove by when my third near-whiplash hits me. Another espresso hut, with OUR NAME ON IT!

Country Mudd Espresso in Arlington Washington

Country Mudd. I just might take the nickname, me with my barn and my tractor and my log splitter. And some overalls. And a straw hat. And a dog. OMG, I’m starting to sound like a country music song title. Well, we haven’t yet decided to settle down in Arlington either, so I’ll just shelve the idea of approaching the Country Mudd owner for my lifetime latte settlement. Oh yeah, did I mention? The server had on a very striking bikini. And maybe by the end of summer, she might actually fit back INTO it. Oy!

If you see any Mudd espresso huts, please take a moment to snap a photo and send it to us at the Muddscape (warrenmudd@gmail.com). And don’t forget to scroll down past the “About W&W Mudd” and “Like” our blog! We still climbing the old Google Search ladder.

But wait! Heeeeeere’s Tippy!

About W&W Mudd

Re-retired again, Wendy and Warren publish as they adventure into the far reaches of their New World.
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2 Responses to A Swarm of MuddHuts

  1. Elaine Lasnik-Broida says:

    very funny – who knew??

  2. Rhonda Louie says:

    Those Mudd Huts could have a booming business if they sold off the hook coffeecake, carrot cake, or any cake that Wendy makes. I’ll look for the coffee shacks during my travels and send pictures.

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