Corona Virus Hostage Tips #2 1/2

I’ve received messages from Followers (thank you for following!) about any results I might have received from my SCAN testing (see the last post).

SCAN is the Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network, funded by the Gates Foundation, for surveying penetration of the virus into our community populations. It is voluntary, you must apply and be accepted, is all done at extreme hands-off distance with the kit couriered to your house, and USPS Priority Mailed back.

I applied for the program on Monday March 23 at 8:30AM. The kit was delivered just before noon the same day. I swabbed, packaged, and dropped it at the post office that afternoon by 1:30PM, and they received it the next day.

I received my first notification this morning, March 26, with the results “Pending”. Tick tock….. They seemed extremely expedient to get the swab, maybe not so much on getting the results.

That’s OK, I wasn’t going anywhere anyway.

Tippy will help me out.

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Re-retired again, Wendy and Warren publish as they adventure into the far reaches of their New World.
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  1. Elaine Lasnik-Broida says:

    Good post!

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