Hey Honey…When was the last time we worked out?

View from our door at Jimmy's Place

 It’s not what you think so get your head outta the gutter! I’m talking about a little cardio and resistance workout. Really, we used to be so good about getting in some kind of exercise at least 5 days a week. It’s been a challenge just waking up early with the sun not coming up until 7 am and freezing temperatures up here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Even hiking becomes a challenge when it’s raining nearly every day…like it is right now! I really miss our 24 Hour Fit Lite workout because it was so effortless.

The big green ball at rest.

 A couple of weeks ago we bought a large green exercise ball because I left the silver one in storage thinking it was too big for the rig. The green ball found a place wedged between the side of the shower and the dresser and just over the cat’s water dish. It stays put until we start moving. We also bought two sets of resistance bands that each came with a workout DVD so now we have no excuse. Warren and I found that we can use the kitchen floor with my yoga mat and his kitchen mat and only bump into each other occasionally. Not perfect but we can get in some cardio and a pretty decent core workout in about 30 minutes with our new buff video partner, Mia. We still have discussions about whether Mia is POST transsexual operation or PRE. But that’s another story.

Space saving cardio.

 Yesterday we took off on a drive to see Doe Bay on the other side of the Island. It was sprinkling but not too wet. After driving around and exploring a part of the Island we had never been to, we ended up near Obstruction Pass State Park and decided that starting at 3:45 pm gave us just enough time to hike out to the ocean for a round trip of about 1.25 miles.  It’s a beautiful camping area with a large beach and an easy hike in and out. After spending some time combing the beach, we headed back to the truck just before the rain started. We know that we have to take advantage of opportunities like this to get in a little exercise while taking in the sights.

Check out the green stuff at the trailhead.

On our way back to town we stopped to take a photo of the big waves crashing on the shore at Crescent Beach. This is not a sight we see when we’re here in July. The wind was so strong that I took this photo standing next to the truck to keep me from blowing away. I tried to protect the lens from the rain but the picture reveals the drop that got to it.

You won't see Crescent Beach like this in July!

After seeing the huge surf on the shore next to Vern’s, a local hangout, we just had to stop for a snack so we could watch the storm from a great vantage point while filling our bellies and keeping warm. This is just one of the many shots I took of splashing waves. It was unreal!  Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to go on another hike after the rain stops to work off this meal.

Patio closed due to strong surf!

 We are looking forward to moving south soon to warmer weather and less rain. In preparation for some great hiking and since our sneakers are worn smooth, we just ordered new hiking shoes online. It’s all about getting rid of the excuses and finding new ways to get the old bods moving. We’re hoping that the late spring weather in the Rockies is pleasant enough to take in some great hiking around the Tetons. Until then, we’ll hike in the moist Northwest, and be careful to keep moving so moss doesn’t grow on our North sides!

About W&W Mudd

Re-retired again, Wendy and Warren publish as they adventure into the far reaches of their New World.
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